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tv   [untitled]    January 1, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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housing. >> (speaking spanish.) >> we don't stay at home we try to keep ourselves busy out in the street we're afraid the landlord is going to try to talk to us. his son came and offered a thousand dollars i asked him
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would you leave our apartment and do you think that's enough to give him more he said he wouldn't but was offering it to me. my family we don't sleep we're incredibly influenced and it's fuk our school work. >> . >> (speaking spanish.) >> so thank you for again listening to our stories this has affected my families health i'm losing won't and hair my family our dynamics are
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different so thank you for doing what you thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> . thank you supervisors i'm tony gonzales with american indian movement west. i share the same as what was said earlier i content the supervisors for taking the position to change legislation to include the particular tactic of harassment by landlords etc. i'm not just speaking for my organization as a vietnam veteran and the westerns that are here it facts many people. it's a shame that the rich culture that the city has projected to the outer public is in the state of problems right
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now. there's a lot of resentment we see those big buses that driving around here that creates the resentment to the topic. we hope there's a a balance to keep our people's here all the superdomes of society and in particular our art and cultural workings are being affected. like a brain drain that goes on in other countries there's a cultural drain here for us to maintain the cultures is to also find ways thinking about the artist in our communities and filmmakers and those who are trying to stay here and work inform the community have a hard time finding a plays to
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thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >>. i'm with the san francisco tenants union. thank you supervisors so far bringing this legislation back. harassment is definitely on the increase and a fashd way to get tenants out of their part times. as supervisor campos note it's a difficult issue for tenants to deal with. senile they need to live with harassment long enough until an attorney feels their suffered medical bills and that sort of thing enormously to say most tenants can't survive through the harassment and it's an effective way of getting tenants out. this legislation corrects the issue of prop m passed by the voter that denied and prohibited
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harassment but unfortunately, the courts throw out the issue. this denies harassment an illegal evict attempt and go to the rent board and have it investigated. in addition to being a city attorney and district attorney prop a put in the statute for $200 a day so tenants can go to small claims court and get a monetary settlement. so thank you supervisors >> any >> prayer by the chaplain. >>. seeing none, public comment is closed. this matter is back in the hands of the board.
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supervisor campos. thank you >> i want to thank the committee for hearing this item and essentially all the tenant and their advocates that have come out to the hearing. >> (speaking spanish.) >> so with that, i think that it goes without saying that for
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me it means a lot to hear if the tenants its not easy to hear our experiences it's a perm and painful thing that impacts the individual and the entire family especially on kids. and so i think this is something that is a long time overdue and something we need to move forward as quickly as possible to provide relief. i think beyond that my hope it will send a clear message to landlord that this kind of harassment is not going to be tolerated in san francisco. there's an avenue where the tenant can go to the rent board
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and it could be forwarded to the city attorney or the district attorney. i hope this sends a clear message especially, when it comes to some of the tenants that have been the targets of harassment. we're top of about the vulnerable people in the society people who are monolinoleum who don't know they're right so i ask for your support today >> thank you supervisor campos. president chiu >> i want to thank supervisor campos for bringing this forward and also our tenant advocates and families. we all certainly appreciate not only your testimony but your encourage in stepping up and sharing with us those different stories. we all know we have on a affordability crisis in san francisco and we've seen an
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eviction crisis in many of our district. we need to bring different policy solutions. last week i was part of the board of supervisors decision to move forward with the demolitions and conversion and i appreciate your support of my amendment and happy to be a co- shorn of this legislation and certainly think there's no one solution that will end the situation all of our work together will comprehensively address that and i'm proud of your supervisors to stand with the tenant that were i'm happy to refer this item with a full recommendations for tomorrow >> thank you supervisor kim. >> thank you. i'll second, that and i want to thank the
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community for coming out and speaking. it's heartbreaking to hear this in the immigrant communities. i'm happy to support this legislation >> i support the legislation as well and supervisor campos thank you for bringing it forward and working with all sides. while we have a lot of work to address our deep structural deficiencies we also need to make sure we're keeping people stable in their housing. it's scary where rent are right now and whether someone is lo low income or frankly middle income it's criminally hard to
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find affordable housing. if you're a family of kids it makes it harder the motion is to forward this to the board with positive recommendation can we take that without objection. madam clerk call item 2 >> item 2 is an ordnance to have the group comply with the family workplace ordinance. >> and wanting chewing is the author. >> thank you, colleagues. i appreciate our consideration of this brief and clean up technical ordinance to the measure we passed some months ago. if you remember colleagues with when we had passed the legislation around the friendly
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family workplace we have the standard as the health care security ordinance which is 20 or more employees but unfortunately, because we didn't capitalize the e on employer it created an consistent that our oc staff pointed out we want to quickly fix that as it's implement on january 1st. i want to recognize our staff anything else you want to recommend >> no supervisor the office wants to. >> tracy: thank you for clarifying the issue. hopefully, this will go through through won't be any confusion to the public that the employees will be told on january 1st you're not inadmissible and then later. so thank you very much
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>> thank you oc for you're working and engagement with small businesses in would what the ordinance does. colleagues, can we open this up for public comment >> that i public comment on item 2 seeing none, public comment is closed. and can we get a motion to forward item 2 to the full board with recommendation without objection that's the order. >> item 3 is the resolution adding the name to old town. and adding the name to merchant street and item 5 is the resolution adding the name to bar told street >> president chiu is the author.
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>> thank you, mr. chair. last week, we heard testimony if the chinatown about the addition of names of community leaders who have really meant a great deal to chinatown as well as to san francisco with the alley with the moose alley and limb additional being attempted e addressed to those streets. i have a couple of of quick amendments i want to clarify whether those signs are on single and the lettering but i want to first is if there's that i public comment >> any public comment open items 3, 4 or 5 seeing none, public comment is closed. so colleagues at the request of the mta i want to propose two technical issues. one was to allow the mta to
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erect those on separate signs it in the further rove clause they ask the transportation agency having the existing names to either on a single or separate sign and for the limb resolution we want to clarify the language so the honoree name there's a tip to so the board of supervisors request that the municipal transportation agency to erect the honoree and existing names of the street on separate signs with the honoree names limb in smaller letters and the bar told street in larger letters so for those two
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subsequent letters. >> so on the amendments described by president chiu can we without objection and we have a motion to forward items 19204 and 5 without objection. madam clerk, is there any other business >> there's no further business. >> then we are hope. (clapping.)
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ringing through the sky shepherd boy. did he hear what i hear? a song a song how above the tree with a vais voice as big as big as the sea. said the shepherd boy to the mighty king. do you know what i know? in our palace mighty king. do you know what i know? a child a child shivers in the cold lettuce bring him and silver and gold. let us bring him silver and
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gold. said to the king to the people everywhere duo listen to what i say. pray for peace people everywhere. listen to what i say. a child a child shivers in the cold lettuce bring him silver and gold. lettuce bring him silver and gold. >> thank you (clapping.) >> thank you tracy.
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(clapping.) >> well good evening. good evening. >> good evening. happy holidays everybody i'm phil i'm the general manager of your rec and park department welcome to the rec park tree lighting ceremony at the calory lodge in san francisco. you can do better than that are we fired up or what? (clapping) >> it's cold it's winter it's the holidays it's awesome so we have a great evening we'll got snow how many kids took the tob canning. i know we're all here to see the tree get lighting lit this is
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not going to be a long ceremony. i want to start with our mayor ed lee whose he's cross the world tonight but we're here happy to have our acting mayor supervisor yee. we also have our city treasure jose is a next year's. district 4 supervisor eddy sunset pete's here. you're from the sunset you won't. we've got supervisor tang here. we also have our city administrator naomi kelly is in charge of everything. (clapping.) >> and we have the guy in charge of the water that keypads
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audio trees healthy and embrace green harvey listen kelly the executive director of the puc here. (clapping.) and we're so very lucky to have 6 individual here tonight who oversee all your 2 hundred and 20 parks and all you tell one hundred and 69 playground and swimming policy our rec and park department president marble and his vice president allen low and also commissioners. tom and commissioner megan levenson was here and
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commissioner ifshg eric new mexico dodged. we have ken weber from 20 a business and i don't know where he is but from the san francisco park alliance pat o'grady is here (clapping) so 84 years trowel one of the most special event this department has done for nearly a century and it's been a great year for replying replying our realms e recession programs are not as popular and last week, we have the president of the united states at the rec center n here.
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we call him uncle john mccleaner he was the first person to start the tradition of lighting the trees that end here in front of mcclaren lodge. this this is san francisco's of the city and county of san francisco it's a monterey cypress tonight we're going to light over 1 hundred and 50 lights so t a big shout out to your entire department who tptd uncle john's tradition and especially our superintendant bob and his manages and a special shout out to our entire recreation staff who planned this fire department
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we've got tree to thaters who hang the light and our electrician let's give a big shout out to the hardest working city employees anywhere (clapping.) so we're going thrilled most of all that you're here that our community is here we get to share that especially with our kids. cities are about special moment and i hope tonight is a night you also remember. we're thrilled to have you. we at one point ask our asking mayor norman yee to come up.
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>> thanks phil happy holidays hanukkah and merry christmas. this is a tradition that started 84 enforcing and i'm so glad to be here enjoying the festivities with you. i'm hoping for the next 84 years we'll continue this tradition. i want to keep it short i know the kids are waiting for the lights there yeah. i was going to say happy new years eve. next up to say a few quick words the lights are coming is president mark. very quick words acting mayor you won't and all honored guests
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i want to say one thing and that's our rec and park department staff worked hard to provide services to the folks in san francisco and tonight it shows it has older folks like me and kids and folks in the city they're in the san francisco park having a wonderful time and happy holiday to you i hope you have a great time you all right so we had tracy before she won the citywide contest. we have a lot of other fun i want to give a shout out to the theatre company and the high school drum core and to the school of the arts choir, to the cleft driveways who are here and
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our golden gate park band. all right. so we like to say if it takes a family we cannot all do it just because of the rec and park department s it's a team. i want to bring up two members of our team that help with all the programs returning first up randy from kaiser and randy you and i have joked we share a mother to & to help folks thrive in san francisco roond come on up >> the right thank you very much. i i know we're all waiting for the lltdz to coltolo.
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we have 2 hundred and some neighborhood parks. it's not be president about just eating food it's about family and friends so thank you to the rec and park department and thank you for your 0 pardoning and happy and heath holiday season to everyone thank you >> thank you r5r7d we have another mother to we like to get out and play. there maybe no san francisco organization that shows the joy of play better than zinka. i want to bring up ken weber from zane can. i have a fun job i get to work
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in a company that makes games like farmville. we're proponent of play on our computer and on our smart phone by the we like to engage in real play. we're proud partners of rec and park we've built mraurgd and we're a young company and we feel we're just getting started. we are thrilled to are a be a part of this and on behalf of our employees happy holidays to everyone. thank you. (clapping.) >> thank you keb all right. are you rode to light a tree. the tree only goes on if you're really, really loud. are you


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